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ViestiKirjoittaja ozadars » 19:15, 08.12.2013


I was wondering if anyone knows where to find something like an eggcrate in the Helsinki area for the top of the aquarium to prevent fish from jumping out. I checked some of the department stores but couldn't find.

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Re: Eggcrate

ViestiKirjoittaja Taika-Jim » 19:28, 08.12.2013

I would head out to Etola in Suutarila. They have both stores for homes and the industrial side, from where you can find all sort of useful things, even when it's labeled as a industrial store.

Another option would be Bauhaus, which is located quite close to Etola, next to the Tuusulanväylä in Tammisto. It's a big store and has all sorts of departments from house building to gardening.

Not sure if they actually have that eggcrate, but would be a worth of visit and ask.
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Re: Eggcrate

ViestiKirjoittaja Aqualung » 14:05, 10.12.2013

I've bought some from EBay. Not local, but very reasonable price wise. However, eggcrate availability just isn't what it used to be for some reason - especially in larger pieces.
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